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We need charitable entrepreneurs

Hazrat Ahmad ibn Musa al-Kadhim (AS) is the eldest son of the seventh Shiite Imam and the elder brother of Imam Masoumeh (AS) and Hazrat Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS). He had a great position with his father and everyone considered him a true guardian of the Imam, but while respecting his father’s will and obedience to God’s command, they came to the house of Imam Reza (as) with all the allegiance and announced their allegiance to the Eighth Imam. They were honored with the title of Amin Velayat.

The lives of the elders are role models and role models for us in life, but some mistakenly make this idea absurd and only guide us to rely on those holy essences in the hereafter. The question is, how much does our lifestyle today as a host point to that nobleman?

Be trustworthy

Here are two short but practical tips; The first characteristic is their trustworthiness, not the minimum level of trustworthiness. Sometimes we are reluctant to give back a small financial loan to a friend because we are looking for our own interests. They said that he was cursed and far from the mercy of God, the one who could pay his debt and procrastinate, but how much did we fulfill this point? In justifying our work, we say; Now, in a few days or so, no one will be king or beggar. Let me make the next deal, make more profit, and then pay off my debt.

How does their trustworthiness make sense? They offer you the Imamate and guardianship of the people (or in other words, the Muslims of the world) and do not accept it because it belongs to another person, even if you are his older brother! With a little reflection on this meaning, the high position of that noble man becomes more apparent to us.

Relationships in family, office, market with friends and acquaintances and even strangers can be redefined. Let’s try to be trustworthy by relying on that noble man. Trustees of our members and neighbors so that we can use them in the way of goodness as God Almighty has entrusted them to us. We have the trust of the children to give them time. The best communication and advanced devices cannot take this task away from us and are not able to fill these gaps.

Trusting the reputation that we have and God who owns it and asked us to spend in his way, so be diligent in consuming it properly and bravely spend our honor in the way of truth. Let’s do the job loan and the position we have in the best possible way, and do the other loans, from our time and life to wealth, etc., wisely and mystically, and knowing the type of orders of the master, to do our job well. do.

The most important trust

One of the most important trusts is the guardianship of orphans. It is also common for wealthy religious people to do so with the help of support organizations such as charities or the Relief and Welfare Committee, which cover the cost of living for one or more orphans. In the value and importance of this work, there is little to say, and their work is truly worthy of worldly and otherworldly destiny. But the point that is overlooked is spiritual orphans. He said: Our Shiites are orphans when their Imam is not present. “God forbid that we should not see Nebina and the absence of Volina and the abundance of Aduna and the peak of our numbers; O God, we complain to you, and we complain that the Prophet of Mercy is not among us, that our Imam, Guardian, and Guardian are absent from sight, and that our enemies are numerous and few in number. ”

This neglect is so great that philanthropists are willing to easily pay for the construction of charities or orphanage and cash and non-cash donations, but very few are willing to pay for the intellectual empowerment of individuals; To arrest the orphans of the Ahl al-Bayt (AS), empower young couples in educational matters and life skills to prevent early divorce so that the family center is strengthened and the Islamic and Iranian society does not witness the spread of various social harms and crimes.

We are saddened by thefts and embezzlements, but why do we consider this grievance permissible compared to the rest and absolve ourselves of it? Would the director of embezzlement who grew up at the table of an Iranian family have increased the percentage of perversion if he had grown up with a halal bite and learning the skills of Islamic and Iranian life, or a person whose family had no comprehensive plan for raising children and only his children? Does the daily method magnify? As much as our parents are sensitive to their child’s English language, music, and art class, do they pay attention to his or her individual, social, and moral issues?

However, in this period, by recognizing the time and place and seeing the plans and movements of the enemies, everyone should study their behavior and actions, and by observing the activities of great people such as Hazrat Ahmad ibn Musa al-Kadhim (AS), he should burn them and turn on his way. Let’s follow in their footsteps.

We need charitable entrepreneurs

In today’s society, we need entrepreneurial philanthropists very much, philanthropists who are more supportive of empowering people’s minds and thoughts than filling their bellies. Because the entrepreneur’s goodness reminds people of the production of halal wealth and makes them independent, and the second person, despite his pure intentions, unfortunately promotes begging and begging, and people try to use it because of the ease with which it is inherently a pest. They do not have their talents and abilities and they just wait until the livelihood packages reach them or their accounts are charged.

Of course, the targeted programs of the departments mentioned above, or the support of the disabled and people with disabilities and certain diseases, are out of the question, and we trusted the enlightened thinking of the readers in quoting these articles.

 Mohammad Sharif Hosseini, Managing Director of Fars Family Protection Center

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