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Paternal attention to the new generation from kindergarten to university

On the anniversary of the ascension of Imam Raheel, the historical leader of the Iranians, but also the freedom-seekers of the world, we turn to some of the ideas, statements and paths identified by him and examine his sublime personality so that the light is a bright path for truth seekers.

Seyyed Ruhollah Mostafavi, better known as Seyyed Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini, was born on October 1, 1982, won the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1978, and passed away on June 5, 1989.

During his nearly 87-year life, he became the source of many influences in the world, and even after many years have passed since the death of that great man, parts of the character of his community remain obscure to his friends and followers. The real meaning of the word is “Spirit of God.”

A powerful man who, with the power of his faith, overthrew the imperial government and brought with him a large number of oppressed Iranians and the world, and still in the corners of the world, freedom-seekers are shouting his name and advancing their movements. And his methods and ideals help and he obey his commands.

The great Imam and Muqtada, who raised many students to protect the planted seedlings of the revolution, and, thank God, the rightful successor of the Supreme Leader has turned this seedling into a large tree that is growing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s superpowers.

Now, on this day, which coincides with the ascension of that great man and historical leader of the Iranians, but also the freedom-seekers of the world, we turn to some of the ideas, statements and paths set by him and examine his sublime character so that the light is a bright path for road seekers. Truth.

Emotional personality of Imam

Imam Khomeini attached great importance to the family. In such a way that scenes of love and affection for his wife, children and other related issues can be seen everywhere in his life. Perhaps these angles are one of the issues that are not much discussed in our society today; However, it is needed by our young generation and all families. As examples of letters they write to their spouses, the contents of the letters can be carefully presented to young couples so that they can feel that even if you have a great personality like Imam Khomeini and, as the saying goes, busy and busy. And you pursue your great goals, but these should never cause you to neglect your family.

At the age of 31, Imam Khomeini wrote to his wife, Ms. Saghafi, as they embarked on a pilgrimage from Lebanon: “I am in the beautiful city of Beirut, your place is really empty, just to see the city and the sea. has it. It is a pity that my dear beloved is not with me to make this great sight stick to my heart. Anyway, tonight is the second night that we are waiting for the ship. We are a little late, we have to wait for another ship. Obviously, the task is not clear. I hope God will honor the ancestors of Tahrir’s ancestors who will succeed in completing all the pilgrims. We are a little worried about this, but thank God. Thank God, my health is more direct and better. It’s a very good trip, your place is very, very empty. “I hope that both will be safe and sound under the care of that dear God and the protection of God Almighty.” (Vol. 1 of Imam’s Sahifa)

According to Ms. Saghafi and other members of the Imam’s family, the marriage was followed by a romantic life, and Imam Khomeini remained loyal to Ms. Saghafi as a high-ranking cleric and political fighter in her personal life with special love and respect for her marriage contract. Imam Khomeini went on a pilgrimage in 1312 and wrote in his love letter to his wife that he put another image of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran in front of the audience.

Paternal attention to the new generation from kindergarten to university

Imam’s attention to the new generation and the youth was not just an election slogan, he really hoped for the new generation, and in the opportunities that arose, he expressed valuable points with warmth and compassion, and like a kind father.

He knew the scope of colonial influence from kindergartens and said, “My dears! The deviants and those who want this school not to end, and those who have been slapped by the school of Islam, and those who consider the school of Islam to be against their own interests and against the interests of their masters, are the first to comment on this. It is from the schools where our Norse children, youth and youth have gone to perfection to study, that they start to deviate. They are trying to divert the schools that are the source of all the blessings and the Norse buds that have to grow the country and save it from strangers, and that’s why you see it from that elementary school. Until the university is the center of the conspiracy, and you are their target, and they want to divert you from dear Islam, and turn universities, high schools, primary schools, and all centers of science and civilization into centers that, if Where science is studied, it is for the benefit of the great powers, and whatever is in those places and in those holy places, whatever is the product, the product is for the benefit of the superpowers. Their first step starts from the same kindergarten and whatever. Let our youth and children go higher, and their next steps are to follow them. From kindergarten to university, the Golan Heights is a hotbed of colonialism, and they know full well that if they get these newcomers out of the way directly and in the way of God, they will achieve their own sinister goals. Therefore, their efforts and goals start from kindergarten and continue until the universities, and the centers that should be reserves for the country to reform the society, reform the society in spirituality and reform the society in materialism. Our dear ones, let them corrupt there and then sit down and look at these young people of ours who have done their own thing and want to carry out the corruption at your hands. “You young people all over the country, from kindergartens, which are places for children, to universities, which should be places of knowledge and places of knowledge and civilization, you must be awake and protect yourself from corruption.” (Sahifa Imam J 14)

Imam in the political arena

He, like all people, considered himself obliged to participate in the country’s political relations, saying, “I will run in the elections under any circumstances.” No individual, group or group has the right to impose an individual or persons on the people. The Islamic Society of Iran, which has accepted the Islamic Republic and its lofty values ​​and the rule of God’s laws with its political wisdom and growth, and has remained faithful to this great allegiance and covenant, is certainly the power of discernment and choice. They have the right candidate. Of course, consulting in affairs is one of the Islamic commands. “And people are consulting with their allies and trustees, and individuals, groups, and clerics can nominate candidates in their constituencies, but no one should expect others to comment.” . (Vol. 21 of Imam’s Sahifa)

However, the study of Imam Khomeini’s personal, social, family, political, spiritual, and other ways and means can now solve many problems, not only for the Iranian nation; That there are many nations, provided that these beautiful words are used and that they are not just a pretext for politicians to achieve individual and party aspirations.

But unfortunately, day by day we are witnessing the multiplicity of people who speak the Imam’s words but act against the Imam. People who oppose the path of the Imam will sooner or later be identified and rejected by the people, because the majority of the Iranian nation is still firmly grounded in the ideals of the Imam and his martyrs more than 40 years after the Islamic Revolution.

The Imam’s statements, his correspondence, his rulings, his speeches and other aspects of the great man’s life are therefore of little value to us because his character was melting in the Holy Qur’an and the teachings of the Infallibles (peace be upon them). They did not seek personal gain and relied only on God; Therefore, they declared that they were wronging the government, and on the other hand, they were a gentle character who left poems that evoked the miracles of poets in the tenderness of nature.

Hopefully, based on the path of the Imam, we will reach a point where people will become more politically mature day by day and will not allow others to make decisions for them. He does not have his opinion and opinion on them. Dear people, this system has been the result of unjustly shed blood of their loved ones in defense of Iran’s borders and environment, to be more involved in the fate of their country and not to hesitate in the elections for a moment to enter the scene and choose the right one because their Imam said: I am running in the elections, and this sentence itself has a sea of ​​words. Under any circumstances, that is, with any economic, political, social, etc. pressure, because we love Islamic Iran and we are committed to it.

Finally, we present you with poems from that great man of the guest era:

The color of the sun

It’s our fault if our friend is hidden

You have seen that the nose of the whole world is like that

Don’t be a little woman who doesn’t see the sun in the world, her eyes are suffocated by seeing blind light

Or open the Lord of this imaginary world that is in our sight so that I can see that it is all the world of light.

I wish there was news in Randan’s circle from the friend of the words there, not from Nasser Bood, it is from “Mansour”

Woe to him if he falls into the mysteries of the day when it will be revealed to him what is left of this secret

What can I do to get you to the top of the dormitory?

The valley of love, which is unconsciousness and confusion, is a source of pride and arrogance.

He closed his mouth, and everyone who saw it, because he saw that it was slow, was amazed by what he said.

It’s time to dump her and move on

It is all about the place and the place where he prays


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